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Discover Eight Best Kept Secrets to Dissolving Stress and Anxiety in
Creating Healthy People and Healthy Planet.

Are you feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed? If so, you’re not alone. Since the economic collapse in 2008 many of us have been feeling unsettled. In our hectic pace of life, we may not realize that chronic stress and anxiety are caused by emotional distress, which if ignored could potentially lead to depression. In fact according to the World Health Organization (W.H.O), by 2030 depression will be the single largest cause of human death – including war, cancer, strokes and accidents. There’s also a sense of helplessness and hopelessness about what the future holds for our planet and generations to come in the face of ecological disasters and atrocities against nature and wildlife.

Sangita Iyer
Author of the Forthcoming book Awakening the ELEPHANT in You

Sangita Iyer (B.Sc., M.A., PGD Journalism)
Journalist, Independent Nature & Wildlife Film Maker

A world-renowned leader, Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the Change You Wish to See in this World”. Having applied this principle most of her life, Sangita strongly believes that healing is possible one person at a time. By making conscious choices we can create peace within our 'self' and co-exist peacefully with all sentient beings.

So what does a journalist and wildlife filmmaker know about stress and anxiety? The reality is, when Sangita launched her career as a Health and Environmental Journalist in 1999, little did she know that nature and wildlife would have such profound healing influence on her chronic stress and anxiety, stemming from childhood traumas. But that’s exactly what happened. In over a decade of reporting from the front line, Sangita gathered profound insights from the natural world that transformed her life dramatically​.

She then pursued Masters in environmental education and communication aiming to instill appreciation and reverence for our Natural world. At the time she was exposed to the emerging fields of Eco Psychology, and Systems, Mind and Brain Sciences that helped her draw parallels between the natural world and her inner world. Her deepest transformation yet, occurred in 2012 when Sangita reconnected with her soul animals - elephants - that awakened her innate potentials to be a kinder, more caring and compassionate human being.

Nearly two decades later, Sangita is excited to share her life experiences and deeper insights from the natural world and her beloved elephants, hoping to manifest love and peace in people's lives.

Sangita Iyer is an Award-winning Journalist, three-time International Award-winning Nature and Wildlife Film Maker, and the Director of documentary film in the making, “Gods in Shackles”. She has reported and anchored for the ABC/ CBS affiliate in Bermuda, produced Nature and Wildlife reports for the Daily Planet on Discovery Channel Canada, Co-founded Bermuda Environmental Alliance (BEA), an organization dedicated to helping the island's youth connect with the natural world, and is currently a Contributing Writer for The Huffington Post. Sangita’s 2014 elephant campaign was featured on CTV Toronto, CTV News Channel, and Rogers TV.

Here's what the Global Community has to say about Sangita

Sangita is a passionate and fearless journalist dedicated to the environment and the protection of wildlife. Her commitment to her beloved elephants of India is extraordinary. It’s a story she is determined to tell and Sangita has the experience, the knowledge and the skills to do it. But most importantly Sangita brings her own humanity and sensitivity to all her projects to make them powerful and truly unforgettable.

Paul Lewis
President & GM, Discovery Channel Canada

Members of the news media are dedicated to conveying what’s true. But without a deeper awareness of framing and context, well-intentioned journalists undermine the truth. Sangita can connect the dots by illuminating a larger story: the newsworthiness of hope, the promise of basing everyday life on who we want to become rather than on what we buy.

Richard Louv
Author of “The Nature Principle”

Sangita Iyer has a dazzling record as a global citizen, writer, environmental advocate, journalist, filmmaker, and biologist. I have been bowled over by all her excellent HuffPo pieces. Sangita recently undertook a self-funded explorative trip to India to witness at first hand the extent of cruelty being inflicted on elephants by ignorance and br utality. She has now returned with a deeper understanding of the problem. She is launching a new project about the plight of Indian elephants, who are cruelly mistreated, and their profound suffering is appalling.

Professor Chris Palmer
Author of Shooting in the Wild,
Distinguished Film Producer in Residence, Director,
Center for Environmental Filmmaking, American University School of Communication

Sangita is a true gift, extremely interconnected both spiritually and emotionally with Nature and the wild creatures we share this beautiful planet with. Passionate and sensitive, she has dedicated her life to helping both humans and non-humans create a better world for all, particularly elephants whose voices we are not hearing. With her understanding and practice of systems thinking and commitment to positive actions now, her dedication and leadership is inspirational!

Dr. Liza Ireland, PhD, Associate Faculty,
Royal Roads University, Victoria BC

Sangita has a unique and powerful way of using narratives such that they bridge the gap between the masses and science communities. This is imperative, because in our global system everything is connected, now and in the future, and we ignore this reality at our collective peril.

Dr. Gordon McBean, C.M., On.Ont., Ph. D., FRSC,
President Elect, International Council for Science

I have known Sangita for nine years. I first met her when she came to work at our local news broadcaster, as a nightly anchor. She was an excellent, honest presenter of the news and brought awareness of her passion – the environment – to the community at large. Her love for the environment is exceptional and she puts all her energy into making things happen.

Sangita recognizes the synergy not just between the environment and people, but between people and people. She made a positive impression on Bermuda on how we treat the environment and each other. She gave of her time and effort generously to a place that was not even her birthplace, which speaks to the strength of her character.

I know that no matter what she does, be it setting up an environmental program in a local school or saving the Elephants in India, her heart and soul will be in it, and success will follow.

Sir John William David Swan, Knighted in 1990
Longest serving Premier of Bermuda (1982-1995)
Successful Entrepreneur

Sangita brings a wide variety of skills to the table – she’s well educated, extremely dedicated, very well organized, and has an attention to details that ensures the success of any project she undertakes. When this is combined with the passion for environment, wildlife and the education of young in these areas it makes for a very powerful force in helping an organization such as the BEA to achieve it’s mission. Her background in journalism and social media has also helped enormously in getting our message out. Sangita is ethically fair in her dealings inside and out of our organization.

David Ezekiel
Chairman & Managing Director Marsh IAS
BEA Board Chairman